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At Quinta da Abelheira we have a sustainable approach towards the touristic affluence - from growing plants, trees and vegetables, to garbage segregation, water saving and much more. Therefore we try to pass that on to our customers.

With this in mind, we strive to deliver the very best service there is in São Miguel Island regarding accommodatrion, plus there is the benefit of an “Eco Therapy Programme” that can be easily adapted by all who want to dive-in the very best of veggies upward.

From there on, you can cook your own salads, well food in general, and just be merry by experiencing a whole new natural atmosphere, achieving new personal skills, relaxation or just making friends along with tasks.


What you'll get

What you'll get


Gear will be provided for your own protection and in order to get the maximum pleasuring & relaxing time. Let us know if you need anything.


All tasks will be assisted by our staff in first place. From there on you'll be able to take the lead and enjoy a good time amongst nature.


It's quite of an undertake even at first. Take the opportunity, book a couple of hours and connect with nature. You'll find it quite rewarding.

What to know

What to know


Weather takes an extensive roll regarding crops. Learn everything you want to know about seasons and the weather at the Azores.

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There are plenty of veggies to go around. Learn here all about what grows and not at our place, plus what is going on for yearly planning.

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Inner You

Let yourself go into new ways to get in touch with your inner self. Take time to discover new relaxing approaches and to relate with nature.

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